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      2014 new year party

      It is the Christmas party in 2014, the girls and boys who were dancing belongs to the family of Horserider. They danced for joy, they danced for hope.

      2014 summer tourist

      We went on a journey for the Qiandao Lake in the year 2014, there we threw off all the stress and tension, preparing for the new battle.

      2015 new year part with alibaba

      We participated in the annual celebration of the Alibaba on the Jan, 10th 2015, we realized our dream and broadened our horizon. We are grateful for the opportunity that our company offered.

      2015 new years part with India customer

      The annual celebration in the year 2015, we enjoyed the party together with our Indian friend. The relationship between Horserider and our customers will be Everlasting and long green.

      2016 new years with Ethiopia customer party

      It was a scene of 2016, we were enjoying a celebration with a friend from Ethiopia. It is delighted to have a friend coming from afar.


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